Cheese Plates & Wine Stoppers

Cheese Plates


Wine Stoppers



Two popular functional glass art items are our cheese plates and wine stoppers. Our standard a cheese plate is 6.5 by 9.5 inch rectangle. They are done in the Mosaic design approach and include sea inspired, floral inspired, as well as purely abstract designs. A spreader is provided with the cheese plate. The cost for the standard cheese plate is $80.
Wine stoppers are made of stainless steel. A fused glass piece is shaped from a Pattern Bar and epoxied to the flange at the top of the stopper. Several examples of wine stoppers are shown at the left exhibiting the basic color patterns used for the glass tops. These are representative of the color pallets available. Use the "Contact Us" form to indicate color preferences. Wine stoppers sell for $32.
These items are excellent Thank You gifts or Party Favors as group gifts.