Pendants & Earrings





Pattern Bar slices are trimmed into various shapes of colorful abstract glass pieces that are fired to round edges and develop a surface glaze. The pieces are then used to create pendants, bracelets, and earrings.

Recently. we have developed the ability to infuse a bubble into pendants of various shapes. Examples of these are included in the Pendants section on the left. This bubble technique will be extended to bracelets as well.
The pendants have sterling silver bails and range in size from three quarter inch to one and a half inches, and in various shapes. They come with an 18 inch black cord and sell for $35.
Bracelets are plated silver and have glass pieces of the pattern bar variety about 1 to 1.5 inch circular or oval. The cuff bracelet sells for $35. A second variety of bracelet is one with silver plated links and a clasp. Three pieces of glass are epoxied to the center links. These bracelets sell for $45.
Earrings are also available to complement bracelets and pendants. The glass pieces are epoxied to simple posts and sell for $12 a pair.
Examples of pendants, earrings, and the two bracelets are shown in the photos at the left. Since pattern bars are unique, the availability of pieces varies. Items from this glass art category make excellent Party Favors for the ladies in the group.