Coral-Inspired Baskets & Carousels

Coral-Inspired Baskets


Carousel Baskets



The organic beauty of coral “sea trees” has inspired us to create baskets as well as “pure art” Sculptures to simulate the free forms of coral.
Coral inspired baskets have been created in sizes that range from 6 inches to 16 inches, with retail prices of $50 to $300 for the larger pieces. Shapes created have been oval and round. Examples are shown in the photos at the left.
In addition to coral baskets, we also make tea candle holders which include the tea candle and retaill for $40.
The coral baskets and candle holders can be made in any color, opaque or transparent, that we have in stock. Feel free to inquire to meet your particular color/decoration needs.
The approach used to create the coral inspired pieces led us to developing whimsical glass baskets with floral and fauna inspired colors…our “Carousel” series of baskets. These are fun baskets, generally circular in shape and about 16 inches in diameter. They are in the $225 to $350 retail price range…all one of a kind. In addition, we've taken some small carousel type baskets and fused them on to clear glass to create small fun bowls that can be used for candy or dips.
All baskets are currently being offered at wholesale and below prices.