It’s been well over a month since I wrote the last blog entry, “Whoa Nellie”. Our last blog was about how Sandy and I were “out of balance” in terms of the frantic pace we were on, and how we needed to slow things down to a more reasonable pace…a Maui pace…time to smell the roses. As a result of that slow-down, I put “The Blog” on the back burner. We still did have several glass art commitments (both real and self-imposed) that we had to deal with recently…and to various degrees of success. So, let me tell you about those.

In my previous blog, I mentioned that I was working on submitting something to the Hui for their “Infinite Blue” juried exhibition. It was going to be a major step out there for me in exercising my recently stroked (by LAS) right brain. I completed two pieces (just barely… which is kind of right brain in itself), which I submitted… and was feeling quite good about them. But much to my dismay and utter shock, the judge rejected both of them…hence the title of this blog. He absolutely burst my bubble…boo hoo. It could have damaged my fragile psyche regarding my right brain creativity and capacity. But then I thought… he’s just one guy…art is so subjective…I like them… so I’m going to debut them here.

The first piece (shown in the top photo) I call “Blue Guard of Neptune”. I’ve always pictured Neptune as being a cold icy blue planet. (I know earth is called the blue planet…but Neptune in my mind is a COLD blue.) And, if there were creatures there…intelligent creatures…they would erect a menacing looking guard statue in the full regalia of an ancient earth warrior…with plumes and helmet…holding a weapon…to scare pesky earthlings away from their serine planet. Anyway, that was my first piece. I thought it was quite right brain…”really sick” (in the modern sense) said one other artist to me. (Actually, however, his work wasn’t accepted either…so who knows.)

The second piece (shown in the lower picture) is called “Crystallized Space Flower”…it is my concept of an alien space flower that has captured an earthling seed pod…a icy cold Venus Flytrap-like space “flower”. Weird?? Blame it on my under-developed right brain. Again, I think it is quite nice…but to the juror…clearly not so much. Oh well…maybe next show.

Sandy worked on a beautiful blue pattern-bar piece, but felt it needed more work…ran out of time and wasn’t able to complete it. She will finish it sometime this month.

On a more positive note, Sandy completed and delivered her order for fused glass cheese plate gift packages for the Board of Directors of the Golden Corral Steak House franchise. They were having an off-site meeting with franchise owners at the Grand Wailea Resort here in Maui. Funny thing…fortunately Sandy was working this with a good dose of left brain. Turns out that the event planner gave Sandy the wrong due date…a week later than she really wanted them. Sandy’s left brain/work ethic drove her to being ready early…so it all worked out. The event planner was very happy with it all. We are hoping that more will come of it.

Also exciting… but in a Good News-Bad News sense… Sandy received a large international order for six major pieces of her work. We were stoked!! That’s the Good News. Bad News part…turns out it was a scam! Double Ugh!! Without going into the details, I almost fell for it, but Sandy who has a bit more “common sense” than I do, and with a little help and guidance from friends, got it figured out.

Well, that’s the news from Art to Harmony, Maui. As far as Blog postings go, I will go down to an every other week basis…all in the interest of “balance” and “harmony”, and reducing stress.