Lahina Art Society (LAS) that is…Sandy and I are only approaching year 19. LAS will be celebrating their 45th year this coming weekend (Sunday and Monday, 11-12 Nov). They will be hosting a mural painting by local artists as well as a silent auction of Maui artwork on both Sunday and Monday. There will also be anniversary cake served. In addition, gallery art will be discounted between 10 and 20%. There will also be discounts offered on Banyan Tree art sales those days. Sandy and I will be offering 20% on our glass art both in the LAS galleries and under the tree.

I did mention in an earlier blog regarding LAS, but let me mention it again. LAS uses 20% of gallery and Banyan Tree sales to support free art instruction classes (9-11 classes per week) for underprivileged Maui children (5-18). This is an extremely important function for Maui youth due to the gap in public school support of the arts. Nurturing artistic expression is critical to developing a balanced person and one more likely to foster a sense of community and altruistic support of others less fortunate…a good citizen!

For this event, Sandy and I have decided to do glass pieces inspired by the ocean. We have had some sea inspired pieces in previous fairs, but will specifically have one of our Banyan Tree tables with just ocean inspired pieces. So, you will see lots of blue. Examples of some of our new pieces are shown in the photos attached to this blog. The two bowls are Sandy’s. One is a pattern bar bowl dominated by blue. It has a wonderful texture to its surface. The other bowl shows an abstract wave. The photos don’t do these pieces justice. I’m no photographer…you need to see these pieces up close and personal!

Pieces that I’ve been working on have mostly been inspired by sea coral. Because of their open nature, these are bowl shaped glass baskets. A red one is shown in the attached photos. I’ve also dabbled in doing pieces using the mosaic technique of creating a “picture” with glass. I did that with my “Blue Guard of Neptune” shown in my last blog. The fourth photo shows a cheese plate that I made with a whale’s tail section entering the water…a common sight here in Maui when the humpback whales come here from Alaska for R&R (and birthing) November through March.

On our second table, we will have glass art pieces inspired by Maui flora and fauna in terms of color and design. Much of this work has been shown previously.

So, if you are here in Maui, please come and support the LAS 45th Anniversary celebration. Work on display by the wide variety of artists will be discounted by 10 to 20%. All our glass art will be discounted 20%…in the LAS galleries (the Court House and the “Jail”) as well as under the Banyan. We will be there Sunday and Monday, 11 and 12 November. And don’t forget, 20% goes to support free art classes for Maui youth.

For those of you not here in Maui, (and even for you who are here), Art to Harmony will honor the 20% discount on all our art (glass as well as paintings) shown on our website (, November through December. So, if you see something that you might want…either for yourself or for a holiday present…now is a good time to purchase.