On the left side of this Home page under “What’s New”, there will be an article talking about exactly that…”what’s new” on the website. I expect to update this monthly. The buttons across the top as well as those on the right side lead you to our two art areas (Original Glass Art and Original Paintings) as well as to other areas of potential interest…our “Blog”, “About Us”, “Upcoming Events”, and “Contact Us”.

The Original Glass Art category is subdivided into seven subcategories…- Bowls and Platters,    – Sculptures and Wall Hangings,    – Coral Inspired and Carousel Baskets,    – Cheese Plates and Wine Stoppers,    – Clocks and Night Lights,    – Mirrors and Lighting, and   – Jewelry (Pendants, Bracelets, Earrings). Each subcategory has 2 to 10 maximum original pieces shown. These will be updated biweekly to reflect sold and/or replacement pieces. Any of the items shown can be clicked on to pull up a full photo and description of the piece.

The Original Paintings category is subdivided into five subcategories…– Landscapes,    – Seascapes,   – Florals,    – Cityscapes, and   – Abstracts. As with glass art, each has between 2 and 8 paintings shown.

The “Blog” provides interesting articles about our glass art creating “adventures”…and there certainly have been some “adventures”! The “About Us” provides brief bios on us (Sandra and Bob). The “Events” page lists current and near-term showings of our art. And finally, “Contact Us” is an opportunity for us to hear from you…what you would like to hear more about, what you might be interested in, and FEEDBACK…what you like and don’t like about our site. Your feedback and suggestions are extremely important to us. Please let us hear from you.

Now…go forth and enjoy the site.