Bubble Items
I wonder how many of you remember Lawrence Welk’s variety hour on black and white “television” (it wasn’t called TV then). Those were the days of “rabbit ears” and when there were only 3 or 4 stations to choose from. Anyway, Lawrence Welk used to say…”Turn ON the bubble machine” and it would blow out tons of soap bubbles. Then he would say…”and a ONE, and a TWO, and a …”and before he could say THREE, his band would start playing…usually a polka. Now you might be wondering…”What does this have to do with the price of beans??” Well, Sandy has turned ON the bubble machine in some of her newest glass pieces!

A number of months ago, we introduced Sandy’s “Bubble Bowls” in which she had perfected a process to purposefully place bubbles in the design of the piece. Initial bowl designs placed the bubbles within a monochromatic glass piece. In her current glass art work, she is integrating the bubble patterns within more complex designs. One example is where she infused bubbles into her Wave Bowl as shown in the attached photo (actually 2 shots of the same bowl…one shows the bubbles better, the other shows color better with less glare…I definitely need to improve my photo taking skills). Bob and Sandy have turned on the bubble machine and are working on incorporating bubbles into other ocean related designs.

A second extension of incorporating bubbles into our work is a result of a suggestion by our dear friend and fellow artist Lynette Pradiga. (Check out her “quirky art” on www.lynettepradiga.com. BTW, she is having an art opening at the Maui Kombucha restaurant in Haiku on 24 August at 6:30 PM.) Anyway, way back when we first worked out the technique for placing bubbles, she suggested that we develop pendants with a bubble in them. At that time we dismissed the idea as being too hard to implement. However, I am happy to say that we worked out a process to do exactly that. Voila…several pendants with a bubble (or sometimes two) are shown in the lower set of photos.

So, this month we are featuring these items in our website’s “What’s New” column. We’ve also added a number of other glass art pieces including various plumeria cheese plates, a new black and white drop pot bowl by Sandy, a midnight blue drop pot bowl by Bob, as well as a blue, green, and orange geometric floral design bowl by Bob. Check these new items out.