Wave on Blue-Green DPturtle on bluGrn DPblugrn latticeRainbow LatticeSandy and I took three weeks off from glass for some R&R in Sedona AZ. We enjoyed the off time but we are glad to be back in Maui and anxious to get going again on our glass art. I’ve updated our website to reflect pieces sold and no longer available, as well as new pieces… including the sculptures and bowls shown in our last Blog posting. Our newest never before shown are two translucent drop pot bowls in Hawaiian ocean blues and greens. The first photo is a bowl by Sandy in which she integrates her wave motif on to the blue-green drop pot. The second photo shows a bowl by Bob in which he fused a Honu (turtle) on to what looks like the “shallow blue-green Hawaiian waters”. These pieces are in our website under the “Bowls” section of “Glass Art”. The next two photos are of a new basket design by Bob called “Lattice Baskets”. One is done with transparent blue and green (… and YES, we ARE definitely partial to the blues and greens). The other is multi colored… actually the colors of the rainbow. The glass colors came out darker than planned so it doesn’t do the rainbow justice, but is quite beautiful never the less. These pieces are on our website under “Carousel Baskets”.

That’s it for now on “What’s New”. Bowls and Baskets are the primary glass art pieces that Sandy and I create. We make new ones almost every week, many of which never get on to our website before being picked up by someone. We will try to be more conscientious in keeping the site current. I know… everyone says that, but doesn’t. I will… I’m going to update the inventory on the site each week on Tuesday. I might also say that we have been re-inspired relative to Mirrors and Lighting, and hope to get going on those as well… soon, I say, SOON!! And then, we’ll be telling you about them in our “What’s New” column.