Artistic inspiration sometimes comes from unexpected places. These past few weeks, Sandy has been very busy creating some new pieces inspired by man-made as well as nature made things of beauty. The “man-made” things are purses that Sandy has seen at the fancy shops at “The Shops at Wailea”…. like Louis Vuitton, Coaches, and Gucci. Sandy isn’t a purse aficionado (like her good friend Summer), but she does love to look at them on occasion. She particularly likes the clutch purses and has thusly been inspired to capture their look in glass… specifically glass “purse” clocks. Two of Sandy’s Purse motif clocks are shown in the first two photos. She has also created others… some in the past as well as some new ones that can be found on our website in the Clocks and Night Light section.

The nature things of beauty that inspired Sandy were visitors to our garden area… like the butterfly and volunteer flowers. Sandy captured in glass the visiting Monarch as well as a buttercup wild flower that sprouted from nowhere… a visiting volunteer. Two large bowls that Sandy created based on these are shown in the third and fourth photos. Check out the Bowls and Platters section for these and another beautiful blue butterfly bowl.

As we approach Maui Open Studios, both Sandy and I will be creating several new pieces that we will post. We are in high gear so keep checking out the website for new pieces. We will be updating it twice a week.