We’ve been remiss in keeping up with our website, but I believe I’ve got it up to date… at least as of this posting. Some of our newest pieces are shown in this “What’s New”.

The most dramatic new pieces are a line of vases based on the slumping technique we use to make our tea candle holders. The first photo is of a piece created by Sandy. It has a white glass lace overlay that is tack fused to a transparent “true blue” sheet of glass. The “tack fuse” technique fuses the glass lace to the blue sheet while maintaining the tactile texture of the glass lace. Although slumped over a steel canister, the resultant shape is very organic… floral-like. Our most recent Blog talks about the adventures of slumping this piece. On our website, we added a new category called “Vases”, and merged “Mirrors and Lighting” (which is still in the “coming’ soon’” stage).


The second photo is of a drop pot bowl created by Bob. We put the same glass colors and proportions as an earlier drop pot we made but you’d never guess that they were related. This piece is wild and reminds me of a cross between a Warhol and a Pollack painting. There is no question that drop pot pieces are totally unique… both in resultant colors achieved and the swirl patterns. This piece and a recent drop pot piece by Sandy are shown in our “Bowls” section.

The third photo is of a new carousel basket by Bob. It is similar to others that we’ve had on our website and sold, but as with all our glass carousels, each piece is unique in design detail and pattern bar pieces. The “Carousel Basket” section has been updated to remove recently sold pieces, as well as to add new ones currently available.



 The fourth photo is a new clock by Sandy. She fused screen drop bars in blues (bars that she actually intended to use as mirror frames), to a black piece of glass as a base. The clock is a good bit larger than our previous clocks. Sandy will be creating additional larger clocks as a result of requests from customers. These clocks will be in the “Clocks” section of the website.

Aloha… Bob

Fifteen inch diameter….$140