“Aloha means Hello… and Aloha means Goodbye…” That’s a line from a popular song on the radio…. at least here in Maui. This “What’s New” is not about some new glass pieces that Sandy and I have made… because actually we’ve been on hiatus from glass art making the last 6 weeks. We’ve been using our time to prepare our house here in Maui for sale. Yes, we are leaving paradise and moving to the mainland… to Bend Oregon specifically. “Why??” … you might ask, “would one leave paradise to move into the cold and snow of Oregon?” Well, in the last six months two sons, their wives, children and dogs all moved from Kauai to Bend. Now, all our children and grandchildren live on the mainland… so it makes sense to follow.

Although we will be saying goodbye to Maui, we will be continuing to create glass art in Bend as Art To Harmony. Also, we will be participating again this year in Maui Open Studios (MOS) on the weekend of 27/28 February at our home studio in Kihei. So, if you are in Maui that weekend, come see us for our last MOS gig! Because we are leaving Hawaii, all glass art that is of Hawaiian motif…pieces with whale tails, turtles (honu), plumeria, ginger, hibiscus, bird of paradise, haliconia, pineapples, palm trees… all are offered at 30% discount through the website or at the open studio. Sale is effective starting 1 February through whenever we start packing that 40 foot container. The items include 6” dishes, cheese plates, clocks, night nights, bowls, platters… any in stock piece with a Hawaiian motif.

In Bend we will transition from Hawaiian motif to a Northwest motif… We are not sure what that is exactly, but we will figure it out!