The strange title of this “What’s New” is because this piece is really not about “What’s New” in terms of our glass art. Sandy and I are taking a sabbatical from our glass art. We are using this break to do various other things… like re-organizing our studio and chasing down other venues for our glass art, like Etsi and additional galleries on the Oregon coast. We are also doing some painting… Sandy in acrylics and pastels, and Bob in watercolors… to meet our need to “artistically create”. We will also be conceptualizing new glass pieces and expect to be back into making glass art in a couple of months. So, we really don’t have something new in terms of glass to report. Other than that, we are going to Maui for two weeks in April to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary and play tourists, something we didn’t really do while we lived there. It will be nice to get out of the cold and snow of Bend, Oregon! The photos attached are a couple of Maui inspired pieces we created some time ago.


Sandy’s “Wave at Sunset”
Bob’s “Honu in Shallow Waters”