Welcome to Art to Harmony.

Thank you for visiting our website. For various reasons, our site had been been totally disfunctional since 2020. Thanks to our nephew Gary Harding, he has revitalized it so that we can present our glass art once again. 

We specialize in one of a kind pieces of glass art and show only representative pieces on our website rather than our current inventory. If you are interested in a particular piece but want it in different colors or shapes than we show, or even function (a clock rather than a bowl for example), contact us describing what you would like. We will explore the options with you (via phone and/or email) that could meet your desires or needs. Our phone # is 541-797-6890. Bob’s email is [email protected]. Thank you for your interest.

Down below is our “latest” WHAT’S NEW, but as can be seen, it is dated Oct 2020. Shortly after that is when our site was rendered dysfuntional by a hacker. The entry will be replaced before year’s end.

Wholesale Prices for the Holiday Season

Reduced from $450 to $200

As 2018 draws to a close, we find ourselves with an abundant inventory. Good news for you is that our studio shelves are virtually full with little space to put new pieces. As artists, we need to create. It’s our life-blood. So, that’s where the good news for you comes in. To enhance the flow of our work, we are offering all our art at wholesale and below to all for the holiday season. Smaller pieces (6 inch dishes, cheese plates, and clocks) have been reduced 40 to 50 percent. Larger pieces (bowls, platters, wall hangings, etc) have been reduced 60 to 70 percent. The reduced prices for our glass art are shown on our website. We will keep this in effect through year’s end. Below are a couple of examples of our glass art to illustrate the kinds of reductions we’ve made available. Check out “Original Glass Art” on this website. 

Also, in addition to our glass art, we are offering our Original Paintings at 50% off the website retail prices.

Our art is available on a first-come/first-serve basis. Call us (541-797-6890) or email me [email protected] to confirm availability. We will cover packaging and handling costs. You just cover postage and insurance.

Fifteen inch diameter….$140

Drop Pot bowl in Reds and Orange reduced from $450 to $130

We will be at Faith Hope & Charity Vineyard Christmas Marketplace

Come join us and enjoy some wine at the Vineyard in Terrebonne on 25/26 November

Click image for venue details.

Back in the Saddle Again

It was a year ago that we were feverishly preparing for our last Maui Open Studio event. We’ve been participants in MOS for 6 years, starting in the very beginning when Carolyn Quan introduced the event to Maui. MOS 2017 is going on right now… and we miss it, I must...

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Finally Set Up!

We blew into Bend, Oregon… literally…on 14 April encountering a blinding snow storm the last half hour of our driving trip from Seattle where we landed and picked up our car. What a sobering welcome for us folks from Maui!! We hadn’t seen the white stuff up close and...

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Aloha and Aloha

“Aloha means Hello… and Aloha means Goodbye…” That’s a line from a popular song on the radio…. at least here in Maui. This “What’s New” is not about some new glass pieces that Sandy and I have made… because actually we’ve been on hiatus from glass art making the last...

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